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To Huang E culture and "poetry, books, painting" as the main features. In the scenic area set up a lot of poetry sculpture of the garden sketch. Among them, "poetic garden" to poetry in the form of stone, showing the nine yellow poems of the poems on behalf of works, "send outside", "Guizhong that matter", "Tianjing sand" and so on. Stone carved vertical into the shape of ancient bamboo slips, as if a three-dimensional poetry volume, simple and generous, timeless and elegant. Bicycle Club: the club with a variety of characteristics of bicycles more than 200 vehicles, to meet the different needs of tourists.
Dream colorful colorful amusement park is located in the poetry scene gallery group, a total investment of 60 million yuan, covering more than 70 acres, the project started construction in 2015, in October 1, 2015 began trial operation. Currently employs 56 local regular employees, the holidays will employ 30 to 40 local zero hour workers, now has 35 amusement projects, has set up a trolley, a large pendulum, trembling, high-altitude flying chair, travel space , Karting, step by step Cry, pirate ship, torrent Yong Jin and jumping machine and other 10 thrilling large-scale amusement projects. The third phase of the project, plans to invest 30 million yuan, mainly to build water projects, including: the water world large wave pool, large water chest, octopus, big speaker giant beast bowl, Ssangyong loop slide, sharp scooter, drifting River, large children playing area, ice and snow world.
  • Poet stone
  • Water project
  • Bicycle Club
  • Fantastic colorful amusement park
To plant gardens, expand training, recreational projects mainly to play characteristics, relying on Songtao Botanical Garden and the characteristics of farm music, design a variety of water recreation activities, and outdoor development training camp. Expand training camps: including children to expand the experience area, high-altitude broken bridge, giant ladder, military five, simulated climbing wall, graduation wall, air horizontal bar balance logs and other expansion projects. Live CS against the stadium: live CS using electronic radium war technology, for the players to prepare a professional combat clothing, equipped with sophisticated electronic field equipment, all bunkers, fortifications are analog US special forces site built, and strive to real reproduction The scene of the anti - terrorism field.
  • Plant garden
  • Expand training
  • Amusement items
  • Characteristics Farmhouse
Planning area of 1140 acres, with organic vegetables, organic fruit, and flower nursery stock cultivation and cultivation as the main body, focusing on the development of modern leisure tourism agriculture. Cherry Boulevard full-length 1500 meters, the road on both sides planted more than 2,000 pieces of Mount Fuji cherry.
  • Organic vegetables
  • Organic fruit
  • Flowers and nursery stock
  • Cherry Avenue
To take peach peach, peach peach for the characteristics. Lemon garden total area of more than 3000 acres. Scarabs ecological agriculture is located in the group, mainly to build fruit-themed eco-agriculture sightseeing technology demonstration park.
  • Peach peach peach
  • Pick peach peach
  • Lemon Garden
  • Ecological Agriculture
Fruit and fruit is intended to fruit and vegetable harvest, folk activities, agricultural and solar energy for the landscape theme, with fruit and vegetable plaza, fruit and vegetable platter, stone mill, water bridge, lemon forest and other special landscape and activities. The region aims to showcase the colorful rural life and the joy of harvest to meet people's return to the village life back to nature. Here, people can not only feel the simple rural culture, you can also experience the return to the pastoral, embrace the natural kind of fun.
  • Fruit and vegetable harvest
  • Folk activities
  • Agricultural throttle
  • Fruit and vegetable plaza
To the famous poet of the Ming Dynasty, scattered song home, known as the "song in the easy" "talent only female class" of the living only female Huang E named. The ancient town of Huang E culture and its life as the main source of creativity, to the land landscape as the background, to bead-style courtyard group for the layout characteristics of the traditional Sichuan residential building tone, set tourism, home leisure, business exhibition and many Function in one; covers an area of 792 acres, of which the core area covers an area of 539 acres, mainly divided into the entrance service area, Huang E cultural experience area, commercial recreation area and the ancient town resort four functional areas.
  • Entrance service area
  • Huang'E cultural experience area
  • Commercial recreation area
  • Town resort area
Egret Island Bird Scenic Spot is the "Pearl of the Pearl" the last pearl, the total area of 1.2 square kilometers, is a collection of ecological, scientific research, living in one of the rural tourism ecological civilization demonstration area. Including Dingjiayan scenery recreation belt, reed forest Egret habitat area, waterfront fruit forest recreation area, water pastoral tourist area, waterfront leisure and cultural area, a total of "area four districts", both ecological protection, tourism and leisure, Features.
  • Dingjiayan scenery recreation belt
  • Reed forest egrets habitat area
  • Waterfront fruit forest recreation area
  • Water pastoral area

《Experience three good》

A good travel experience, not only to allow tourists to eat, play well, good mood, but also to the tourists, but also to the tourists, Give the hearts of tourists leave a good impression.