Scarabs Sightseeing Park "Autumn Harvest Uprising" activities

Publisher:Qicai mingzhu     Date:2017-08-31

August 11 to September 10, colorful Pearl Scenic Area - - Scarab Sightseeing Park to carry out the "Autumn Harvest Uprising" activities, "fight the land ho, carve up eco-agricultural products"!

Surprise picking: sunshine roses, evergreen roses, gorgeous grapes, purple sweet grape invited to the market, the average price of 20 yuan per catty, during the event: all 5 fold!


Surprise picking: where more than 5 pounds to enjoy 4 fold, 10 pounds more than 3 fold! The equivalent of playing ho ho, carved up! The The

Surprise to send: where more than 5 pounds of grapes, are sent to fresh sunflower seeds a cake!


Surprise to engage in: where the single harvest sunflower 5 cake the following 5 yuan each, 5 cakes more than 3 yuan each!

Surprise picking: pumpkin, melon, cowpea, rattan vine, fresh average price of 2 yuan per catty!


Surprise pick: green beans free mining!

Ecological fishing: grass carp, naked spot, crucian carp, the average price of 12 yuan per catty! Old drivers do not have to ask to find.

New driver Yeah, my pro, remember down Kazakhstan, live area Yufeng Town Golden Turtle Village colorful Pearl Scenic Area:

  1. By car: 318 (Sui An Road), the edge of the road.

  2. Bus: Suining business district, take Suining - home, business small bar, very convenient!