"Five one" tour home

Publisher:Qicai mingzhu     Date:2017-08-24


Collective photo, we left a smiling face. Song Min photo

  Hand in hand, heart to heart. Loving children are the most lovely, to participate in the activities of each of the children for the local children left behind a gift, and children left to make friends. He Chuanming photo.


Although the final victory is the continent Chau Chau, but Xuan Xuan Dad is still defeated. Song Min photo


For the dad who childhood play the rolling ring game, 6 children are the first time to play. 

Although the technology was a mess, but we are not discouraged! Hu Bo photo.


 The burden of this family caught loach almost all in the father's body. What is that mother doing?

 Mother told you, I will mention the bucket, it will put POSE yo. Hu Bo photo



Trio bike open, followed by the big head and tail followed. Although the beginning, a peaceful scene, but the participants will tell you that friendship is out of the race. Song Min photo

"In this year, we also play!" Suining City in the colorful area of the colorful pearl side of the fish pond, 7-year-old Tan and Jia Bian smashed mud feet on the mother said.

When the "native" love "creative", home colorful pearl this ordinary farmhouse, there has been a magical change. May 1, "Huaxi City Reader" invited Suining foreign language primary school students and their families, the creative landscape here to experience. Bike mountain tour, child fun park, happy fish pond, plant maze, colorful flower field, small hunting grounds ... ... very hi, very happy, Suining play and have a good place - after the experience, we have a common feeling.

"With the feeling of riding a bike in the city is completely different, here a bit like playing roller coaster. Climbing on the hill when the very tired, too steep uphill, but also need to push a downhill when the wind whirring To blow, the feeling of running the wind is particularly good. "Four pedestrian ride, three pedestrian ride, six families you catch me, Qi Shu Shuang turned!

In the children's fun park held in the father jump leather game, so that most dad is a headache, but Xuan Xuan Dad is an exception. Every time Xuan Xuan Dad's appearance, are caused bursts of screaming. Man's body can also be so soft, why is this? Although the championship was finally used by my mother as a father with the continent Chau Chau won, but, Xuan Xuan dad to prove to you that men jump to the rubber band is also a bar!

The happy fish pond is where the children are happiest. 6 families all dispatching loach, although the father is the main, but since ancient times heroes out of the boy, the children do not show weakness. Siqi classmate finally and her mother caught a loach, rushed to the camera brother of the forward delivery. After the event, the children in the experience of painting, four students in the painting gave the fish can bring joy, ordered a praise.

"Native" love "creative" is what kind of taste? Participate in the experience of the children will tell you loudly, is happy!