Home colorful scenic area approved by the national 4A scenic area

Publisher:Qicai mingzhu     Date:2017-08-24

Recently, the Sichuan Tourism Standards Committee issued a formal notice (Sichuan Travel Standard Committee [2015] 2), approved the city colorful Pearl tourist attractions, including the province's 10 scenic spots for the national 4A level tourist attractions. It is reported that the colorful Pearl Scenic Area successfully created a national 4A level tourist attractions, the end of the area without a national 4A-class tourist attractions history. At present, the city each county (district), the park also has a national 4A level tourist attractions, the city's national 4A level tourist area reached 8, the total amount of the province ranked fourth.

According to reports, colorful pearl scenic area relying on the superior natural ecological environment, beautiful rural pastoral scenery and "see the mountain, look at the water, remember live nostalgia" and "nostalgia" feelings, to create "let the tongue obsessed, nose greed, Tourists fun "the most" home taste "of the rural tourism complex area. Scenic areas include poetic gallery, eyebrow pavilion, colorful flowers dock, Taoyuan Chunxiao, fruit houses, Huang E ancient town, Egret Island wetlands and other seven groups, seven groups have their own characteristics, each other against the background, another pulse connected, as if String in the 318 National Road line on the seven shining pearl, so called "colorful pearl".