51 small holiday 1.5 million people play colorful pearl

Publisher:Qicai mingzhu     Date:2017-08-24

In recent years, the area has adhered to the "pastoral background", vigorously develop the rural leisure tourism, the region's tourism industry into the fast lane. As the finishing touch of the tourism industry, colorful Pearl scenic areas continue to increase capital investment, enhance the image of the attractions, efforts to create "nostalgia" experience leisure travel destination. This year's 51 small holiday, colorful Pearl scenic spot really a fire. Although the weather is not beautiful, but three days, 15,000 people to the colorful Pearl Scenic Area experience charm rural tour, scenic income 13,545,000 yuan. It is understood that "good play, good fragrance, delicious" is the formation of the three colorful pearl characteristics, it is this three characteristics to attract Chengdu and Chongqing and Suining City, many tourists. Three characteristics so that visitors can enjoy the fun in the area, see happy, eat comfortable, so that the majority of tourists come to reluctant to go.

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