National Day outdoor activities to develop music overturned

Publisher:Qicai mingzhu     Date:2017-09-04

Suining Daily Newspaper Group, Suining News Network organized more than 20 Suining small journalists into the residential area colorful beads to carry out national outdoor outreach activities, experience the live CS shootout, and colorful dream paradise and other activities, so that children have a happy National Day Festival.

9:30 am, Suining small reporters in Suining City extreme peak outdoor sports base lined up to complete. Under the guidance of the coach, small journalists are divided into tigers, shadow two teams to fight. During the two team names, slogans are from the hands of small journalists, give full play to the children teamwork, and the ability to think independently.

When the small journalists painted oil, picked up the beloved laser gun, one by one valiantly, immediately became the focus of the audience. In the smoke bombs under the cover, the shadow team to the Tigers launched an attack. As the first time to participate in live guns, the small journalists are very brave, offensive side of the film team constantly try a variety of operational strategies, or positive lure, or roundabout, defense side of the Tigers are always relying on bunkers to static brake. .... the whole battlefield exciting, staged a real flames duel, let the children feel the thick barracks life, exercise the children's ability and teamwork ability.

On the same day, small journalists also entered the colorful fantasy paradise, experience spin pulley, high-altitude fly chair, space shuttle and other large recreational facilities, and watch the lion, crocodile, peacock and other animal performances.