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Suining what delicious specialty?

2017-09-07 12:31:54

Suining, located in the middle of the Sichuan Basin, the middle reaches of Fujiang. Historically, Suining has become a political, economic and cultural center in Sichuan with its deep cultural heritage, charming spiritual landscapes and developed agro-commerce. It is famous for its textile and food industry, known as "Dongchuan Juyi", Small Chengdu "said. Suining has many unique Sichuan snacks, such as "red", "sweet duck", "hot jelly" and so on.

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Always want to see the lotus, this year and friends together Suining, faint fragrance ten miles fragrance, blossoming lotus green in the top, really a visual enjoyment.

2017-09-07 12:20:01

"China Guanyin culture town" Suining and the lotus has a continuous source of cut. In Suining, lotus is a symbol of culture, but also play a city, to provide the public to watch the magic weapon, for this, Suining people love lotus, but also used to lotus lotus root. In Suining City Chuanshan District, but where there will always be leisure lotus lotus shadows, thousands of Lotus flowers will Suining surrounded, bursts of fragrant summer to become the most comfortable city odor.

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Pick grape information I see the circle of friends, want to feel the taste of the picking, taste that sweet and sour taste, where the variety of manor quite a bit, quite cheap. With the child feel or very good.

2017-09-07 12:14:27

We can go in the manor to choose their favorite varieties. Park grape varieties rich, the most famous is the giant peak grape, and the local general sale of Kyoho grape is different, Runfeng vineyard varieties are specifically from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Institute of fruit trees introduced, the garden grapes are all natural Grow. Variety: summer black, household too eight, giant roses, Moldova grapes, cheat and so on.