Suining Tourism


Sichuan Province, a modern industrial base, to "Yang Xin" culture for the characteristics of modern ecological garden city.
Rich and varied hilly and mountain creatures, excellent natural ecological environment, beautiful rural pastoral scenery as one of the rural ecological culture tourism complex.
Can be described as "food health are not mistaken, recreational health two affordable"。

Suining tourism


Colorful Pearl Scenic Area relying on the city of Sichuan Province Suining City Anju District. Suining City, an area is the State Council on December 18, 2003 approved the revocation of Suining City in the establishment of the county-level administrative region, located in the central Sichuan Basin, Suining City, southwest. East of Chongqing City, south of Neijiang City, west of Ziyang City, north of the British County, in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Corridor of the heart. Anju district from Chengdu, Chongqing and other places are about 130 km. The whole area administer 21 towns, covers an area of 1258.2 square kilometers. National Highway 318 line passing through, Sui fast railway, Sui Expressway, then the highway, then the rapid railway in the intersection of the region, the township township highway traffic rate of 100%, village road traffic rate of 95 %.
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